Licence to innovate revisited: How government can reward risk

Released June 2016

Licence to Innovate Revisited provides perspectives on government innovation from people within and outside the Ontario Public Service. This leads to a revised framework, additional case studies, and actionable recommendations.

The Institute recommends the government of Ontario:

Integrate innovation to counter the risk-averse culture

  • Building innovation into core government activities signals that it is desirable and acceptable.

Revise funding frameworks and apply behavioural insights to boost policy design. 

  • Adopting a mission-driven approach and testing behavioural models fosters collaboration and enhances innovation.

Advance human resources and modify engagement to strengthen the policy process. 

  • Upgrading the human capital of Ontario’s Public Service as well as genuine public engagement builds internal capacity and fosters a culture that is open to change.

Revitalize relations with delivery agencies and streamline services to upgrade policy implementation. 

  • Broadening service provider mandates and creating bigger policy silos incentivizes innovation and shares resources.

Monitor government innovation to advance accountability. 

  • Evaluating the context, inputs, outputs, and outcomes associated with innovation ensures responsible use of public resources. The Institute calls on third party bodies of the Legislature and opposition parties to periodically assess government innovation.
Topics: Government investment and innovation