Setting our sights on Canada’s 2020 Prosperity Agenda

Released April 2008

Institute for Competitiveness & Prosperity urges governments in Canada and all Canadians to become active partners in implementing the 2020 Prosperity Agenda

Despite some concerns about an economic slowdown, Canadians have excellent opportunities to redouble their efforts at tackling a long-term Prosperity Agenda to reach our economic potential by 2020. Canada has one of the most prosperous and competitive economies in the world.  But we are not living up to our full economic potential that would increase well being for ourselves and future generations. The Institute for Competitiveness & Prosperity, in its fifth Report on Canada, Setting our sights on Canada’s 2020 Prosperity Agenda, released today, proposes the 2020 Prosperity Agenda as a way of contributing to the national discussion on realizing our prosperity potential.

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