Winter 2016

Released March 2016

In this Quarterly Report, we compare Ontario’s economy relative to peer provinces by looking at key indicators. Next, we assess policies that are geared to help Ontario transition to a low-carbon economy, foster a more innovative and dynamic business environment and make Ontario a globally competitive player. As a new addition, Quarterly Reports now feature a Policy Report Card.  The Institute provides a grade for each policy: 

ORPP delay (Grade B) 

  • The government has listened to the business community and delayed implementation of the ORPP

Expansion of infrastructure investment (Grade C)

  • $134 billion is already a significant investment over 10 years, an additional $3 billion shows lack of fiscal restraint

Green Investment Fund allocation (Grade C)

  • Although the Institute supports carbon pricing, the Fund is poorly allocated, does not adequately address competitiveness concerns, and is not independent from political goals

Reducing transportation sector emissions (Grade B)

  • It is good that the province is tackling its largest source of emissions, but more funds could have been allocated to enhance the province's much needed electric vehicle infrastructure

Reducing electricity sector emissions (Grade A) 

  • Nuclear refurbishment will guarantee a low cost, low-carbon, reliable source of baseload electricity for the province

Efficiency of government's interaction with business (Grade B)

  • The government has done a number of great initiatives, but more needs to be done to improve accessibility of information

Autonomous vehicle testing (Grade A)

  • The Institute applauds the government for keeping talent and investment in Ontario, building off of the province's strengths in the automotive and high tech sectors

Sharing economy advisory committee (Grade B)

  • It is good that the government is seeking ways to accomodate new business models, but the process if too slow

India trade mission (Grade B)

  • Good initiative to tap into emerging markets, however the mission failed to generate any significant benefits - only 150 jobs

Globally competitive clusters fund (Grade B)

  • Good cluster-led bottom-up approach, but more flexibility in eligibility could help achieve objectives of making Ontario's firms globally competitive

Grade Average: B

Topics: Economic policy, growth, and strategy, Government investment and innovation