Spring 2016

Released June 2016

In this Quarterly Report, the Institute evaluates the health of Ontario’s economy relative to other Canadian provinces. Next, we follow-up on topics covered in previous Reports, including the partial sell-off of Hydro One and the regulation of sharing economy business models. We then cover new stories related to infrastructure developments, trade missions, and the province's Climate Change Action Plan.

The Institute provides a grade for each policy:

Hydro One sell-off (Grade B-) 

  • The government is rushing the sale to make the balance sheet and debt levels to look better for now; while ensuring it does not become a ballot box issue.

Sharing economy regulation (Grade B-)

  • Ontario's slow reaction has led municipalities to pass legislation.  The province must quicken its pace in order to foster a dynamic business environment.

Productivity-enhancing infrastructure (Grade A)

  • New criteria for prioritizing infrastructure projects include an evaluation of productivity, competitiveness, and long-term return on investment 

Going Global Trade Strategy - Mission to the Middle East (Grade C)

  • Disappointing result - 200 jobs.  Ontario must get more out of its trade missions.  The public has no information on true costs of missions.

Climate Change Action Plan (Grade C)

  • The Plan is poorly designed, and targets high cost emissions reductions.  Ontarians will indirectly be paying upwards of $525 per tonne of carbon abated. 

Grade Average: B-

Topics: Economic policy, growth, and strategy, Government investment and innovation