There are organizations that offer information and help to people with gambling problems. It is often difficult for gamblers to dare to ask for help: shame, fear of not being understood and the persistent hope that they can still solve the (financial) problems by playing again. Such organizations offer easily accessible support. The help is free and completely anonymous.

They consist of three parts:

Information: here you can find more information about gambling and gambling problems. There is an FAQ section, information about help and visitors can post messages in a public forum. Relatives of problem gamblers and professional helpers can also find advice and information here.

Self-testing: a gambler with gambling problems can enroll anonymously in the self-help programme (free of charge), which lasts for a period of 3 to 12 weeks, as desired. The problem gambler can try to achieve his or her goal through a series of assignments. In addition, those who register can get in touch with other gamblers who have the same problems via a secure forum. Exchanging experiences, sharing progress and supporting each other can be invaluable in the healing process.

Online support: it is possible to take steps online if you want to reduce or stop gambling completely, with the support of a professional assistant. Participation in this programme is completely anonymous.

The gamblers help clinics provide help for people who are struggling with their gambling or with controlling their gambling behaviour. The programme consists of six modules. The gambler can take stock of his or her gambling behaviour and also find advice on how to set certain goals and a range of tools to achieve them.

The gamblers help clinics also advise family members on how best to deal with a problem gambler.