2016 Year in Review

2016 Year in Review

We’ve been busy!

2016 was a packed year filled with paper launches, speaking engagements, new additions to our team, and most importantly, relevant policy recommendations. 

2016 brought us with a few firsts, which we are proud to share: 

  • We wrote our first paper solely dedicated to an environmental topic with support from the Ivey Foundation and the Metcalf Foundation. This paper shed much needed light on the costs and benefits of Ontario’s incoming cap-and-trade program.
  • We hosted a conference discussing cluster development with key actors across the province. This helped us build stronger relationships with the sector, and will hopefully lead to new work in 2017.
  • We welcomed a new Panel on Economic Growth & Prosperity, chaired by Tiff Macklem. This Panel encouraged us explore alternative measures of prosperity beyond GDP per capita. They also had significant input toward our focus on the high-growth industries that can help Ontario close its prosperity gap, discussed in our 15th Annual Report.
  • We welcomed to our team our first ever Fellow, Dr. Paul Boothe. Paul is a recent recipient of the Order of Canada, an academic, leading public policy thinker, and respected former public servant. His first White Paper provided a framework for how Canada can meet its 2030 greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Our communications efforts ramped up quite a bit over the last year. We’re now active on Twitter and LinkedIn, sharing our content regularly and live tweeting our events. We adopted a modern event management system and newsletter design. We hope all of these efforts help you connect with us better!

We hope that you enjoyed our content in 2016 and that it served you well in your work building a prosperous Ontario. Our top policy recommendations for the provincial government this year were to:  

In 2017, we plan to advance our clusters policy file, develop partnerships with like-minded organizations, and dive deep into topics such as immigration, Ontario’s changing labour market, and the view of Ontario’s top leaders on the province’s economic future. We look forward to engaging with you in the months, and years, ahead.  

Written by Julia Hawthornthwaite

Category: Clusters, Economic Progress, Economy, Labour, Immigration, Income, Productivity, Public Policy