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What’s with Washington State? Lessons for Ontario from a high-growth region

Continuing our ‘alternative measures of prosperity’ series, Washington State provides an interesting case study. When looking at our regular measure of prosperity – GDP – Washington outperforms the province significantly. This blog will explore how a region with many industrial similarities to Ontario enjoys a greater level of prosperity and productivity.  What has Washington done to stimulate productivity growth? And, what lessons can Ontario learn from them?

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Ontario ranks 7th in Canada on well-being

In Working Paper 27, Looking beyond GDP: Measuring prosperity in Ontario, the Institute used the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) Regional Well-Being (RWB) Database to examine how Ontario fares against 10 other peer jurisdictions. Not surprisingly, Ontario has strong performance on Access to Services, Health, and Safety, but needs to improve on Community, Income, and Jobs. But how does Ontario compare to the rest of the Canadian provinces and territories on well-being? 

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